District of Learning is connecting all the learning opportunities in DC so teens and young adults can pursue their passions and take charge of their path to college and careers.

Young people can discover how to engage in learning opportunities through our free mobile-enabled LRNG platform at lrng.org/dc. Youth can establish secure accounts to plot and track their learning trajectory. Think of the LRNG platform as a combination GPS, digital backpack, and social media app for learning.

District of Learning is already working with dozens of local and national partners to identify and list all kinds of learning opportunities on the LRNG platform. Our partners include afterschool programs, youth-development nonprofits, schools, arts organizations, environmental organizations, libraries, museums, government agencies, higher education institutions, and employers.

Our learning FRAmework

We call learning opportunities XPs. Local XPs are in-person experiences and Digital XPs are online. XPs are supported by Resources, which are related tools or media content.

Playlists are curated groups of XPs and resources, stitched together into a narrative around a common theme. Playlists connect learning to interests and networks while unlocking real-world opportunities. Playlists often result in the learner earning a badge upon completion.

Badges are publicly shareable digital credentials that unlock opportunities and provide evidence of substantive learning outcomes. They tell the story of what a learner did to complete a playlist of XPs.

Badges can also be organized into Collections that can help young people do even deeper dives in particular areas and pursue pathways to college and careers.


District of Learning is facilitated through the DC nonprofit organization Fair Chance. It is part of the Cities of LRNG movement that is now in ten cities across the nation. LRNG has been endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

District of Learning helps young people take credit for all the things they do and learn, to help strengthen pathways to college and careers.