District of Learning helps teens and young adults in Greater DC explore their passions and strengthen their paths to college and careers.

We are turning Greater DC into a giant campus for anytime-everywhere learning—by collaborating with many types of partners including: youth-development nonprofits, schools, afterschool programs, arts organizations, environmental organizations, libraries, museums, government agencies, higher education institutions, and employers. It is free for learners and organizations to participate.

Our District of Learning platform is a combination GPS, social media app, and digital backpack for learning. Young people ages 13-24 can access a diversity of learning opportunities and document their accomplishments. The platform It is designed to be used on mobile devices, recognizing that smartphones are the way that most participants access it.

By completing Playlists of learning activities, youth earn Digital Badges to document their learning no matter where or when it happens. These widely-recognized credentials can help them on their path to college and careers. Soon some of these badges will also link to college credit through a new partnership with Southern New Hampshire University. Examples of playlists and badges can be seen at lrng.org/dc.

District of Learning is based at the DC nonprofit organization Fair Chance. It is part of the LRNG movement that is now in cities across the nation.

District of Learning helps teens and young adults earn the CRED they deserve:
CREDit for learning outside school;
CREDentials for college and job applications; and
CREDibility for success in careers and life.