Pathways to Nonprofit Employment in DC

District of Learning and Fair Chance are launching an effort to strengthen pathways to employment in nonprofits in Greater DC.

The District has one of the highest concentrations of nonprofit organizations in the nation, and nonprofits account for about a quarter of our workforce. Although workforce development pathways exist for other industry sectors (such as hospitality, construction, and healthcare) we lack similar workforce training and pathways for the nonprofit sector.

In response to this need, we are collaborating with the DC Department of Employment Services to develop a “Pathways to Employment in the Nonprofit Sector” initiative, with a priority on engaging Opportunity Youth. Our goals are:

  • Fostering interest exploration and learning pathways toward careers in the nonprofit sector;
  • Expanding internships and full-time employment with nonprofits for DC youth ages 18-24; and
  • Advancing professional development for entry-level employees in nonprofit organizations in Greater DC and beyond.

An anchor for this work will be District of Learning Playlists and Digital Badges aligned with skills that entry level nonprofit employees need. Our free District of Learning platform has many examples of employment-related playlists including;

There are additional career-related playlists already available to DC youth; and playlists across the nation that may be adapted for DC youth.

Initial topics for nonprofit employment pathways playlists will include community engagement, volunteer resource management, creating a budget, and fundraising. What other professional development needs should we prioritize?

If you have questions or would like to be involved in this effort, please email us at


This effort is part of the emerging DC Talent Leaders initiative, and is made possible through the support of the DC Department of Employment Services and The Kimsey Foundation.